How it works

How it works

You’re a designer, web brand, agency, conference, start-up, app developer, or community. You’d love to make a badge, a keyring or coin? Of course you would. So why haven’t you? So many options to choose from, the process’, size, will my design sell..?

What if you could post your design for sale in a high-quality, design-focused online shop and have someone else take care of all the dirty work for you? No buying stock upfront. No inventory. No shipping. No customer service. No risk. Sounds great!


Submit design or idea. We’ll take a look at it and decide if it’s right for us.


if we accept your design, we work together with you to choose manufacture process and a price.


Your design goes live on Curio Mill for a sale pre-order period. Spread the word to your friends, family, and followers.


Your goal is to sell 25 during the sale period. If you hit 25 or more, we will manufacture. if you don’t hit 25...well, it doesn't get made.


As long as your product sells at least 50, you get paid! over 25 and we still manufactuer your design, but we keep all sale proceeds to cover our costs.


Once your product is ready, we pack them up ourselves and ship them all over the world.


If there are any customer service issues—lost packages, returns, wrong address, etc. — we deal with them.


Last but not least, if you made 50 sales you get paid!

If you sell

We will send you 4 or 5 of your made item

If you also sell

You will also get paid, based on the profit margin you set!

Submit a design

n. a small article valued as a collector's item.

n. a machine, such as one for stamping in manufacturer.

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