Submit a design

Before you send us your artwork, a few things to keep in mind…

We want to make Curio Mill an online community for high quality badges, keyrings and Coins that appeal to a design-minded audience. That means we won't be accepting every submission. Some times your design may be rejected. Acceptance or rejection of a design is solely at our discretion.

You choose how much you earn per product. We give you a baseline price, and you add your own profit margin onto that. The baseline price varies according to design, size, type and manufacturing process.

Whats going on

Step One: Deicde on the product you'd like to make, there are plenty of examples on our website.

Vector files are best for designing your product. If vector isn't possible, 600dpi raster images (at 3 to 4 time reproduction size or bigger) also works.

What's actual size? Any size you want really, there are a few pointers below. Size is a factor of the base unit price also.

Make sure all your colors have a pantone colour reference, this is what we use for colour matching.

Not sure what you're doing? Send us a rough idea of your product below and we'll help you make it compatible for manufacture.

When the product goes live to pre-sale, there will be space for other promotion images, so get creative with that too.

Artwork Help

Few helpers you might need for each of the materials.

Metal & Enamel

Designing in metal and enamel has its set of contrains

  • Each enamel colour requires a (metal) die line between them, this acts like a wall to stop enamel mixing together.
  • Smallest die line is 0.2mm thickness, so when designing in enamel and metal set your line tool to 0.2mm as the smallest line we can achieve.
  • Smallest text as a guide line is helvetica 4pt, but please check any special fonts with a line at 0.2mm for size.
  • Please allow about 0.3mm for an enamel line. Enamel starts life as a liquid, and it is hand syringed into the the space, 0.3mm is very small but still achivable.
  • If you don't require enamel in your design and just raised and polished, the 0.2mm paramenter still applies but we do have a range of textured finishes available to enhance the design.

Plating for metal products

We have various different plating finishes available to choose from

  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Black dye
  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • and more


Woven cloth, just like those swimming patches you got for fetching a rubber brick from the deep end in your pyjamas.

  • Try stick to the smallest line as being 0.4mm
  • Can have an over locked edge or laser cut


PVC, is a soft rubber material, that is great for vibrant colours, normally used for keyrings, but can be used for badges too.

  • PVC can be built up in different layers creating nice colourfull products,
  • Some colours may require to be seperated by a grove due to manufacture, this grove is approx 0.4mm wide, but we will advise on each design submitted.

Product Types

The products we are offering right now are badges, keyrings and coins but if you see something you like, send it to us and we'll see if it will work out for you.


Typical sizes are from 15mm to about 45mm, Its your choice - its your design.


Typical sizes are from 40mm to about 100mm, up to you.


Available in PVC, enamel or even cloth if you wanted.


Coins are normally made from metal, can be in any size, popularly ranging from 30mm to 70mm, single or double sided. We could aslo make a PVC coin if you wanted?

Just send us a preview of your design for now (1.5mb max, JPG/PNG/GIF). We'll ask for your artwork later.

n. a small article valued as a collector's item.

n. a machine, such as one for stamping in manufacturer.

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