What is Curio Mill?

Curio Mill is online crowdfunding for your design-led shiny. You submit the artwork/idea, and once accepted we do the selling, manufacture, shipping, and customer service.

How do I submit my designs to Curio Mill?

Over here. But do read our guidelines before you submit.

How much do you pay designers?

You choose your own profit margin. We give each designer a baseline price per product that covers our cost and profit; You choose how much you want to earn on top of that. As long as you sell at least 50, you get paid! Over 25 and we still go to manufacture, but we keep the sales cover our costs.

If your design gets made, we will send you a few extra products of your design!

Do you keep designs in stock?

We don’t. We are a pre-order system: every product gets three weeks to sell as many as it can. But you can always choose to relist if you wanted to.

What happens if it doesn’t make it?

Nothing happens. Pre-sales are refunded, and we don’t make it im affraid. Maybe the designer can try again later

I just pre-ordered something. When will it arrive?

Once pre-sale ends, manufacture is approx 4 working weeks and we'll send out as soon as they are ready, there is an estimated shipping date at the bottom of each design page. Once we ship your order, it should get to you in a few days (if you live in the UK) or upto a few weeks (if you live anywhere else), We’ll send you an email as soon as we send it. If you're still not sure, just email us.

Who’s behind this?

Curio Mill is a Made by Cooper idea which is inspired from companies like Kickstarter and Cotton Bureau and the desire for designers that like all things shiny who really want to make their own badges but not sure the best way to go about it.

Where will you be shipping to?

Worldwide, shipping is calculated by shipping address.

Copyright, who owns it?

You do, you own the copyright of any design you submit, we will use it for promotion purposes and make the pin (if it gets funded) but you can do what you want with it, make more pins, print t-shirts etc.

n. a small article valued as a collector's item.

n. a machine, such as one for stamping in manufacturer.

Curio Mill